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Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts an American architect. Initially called Lexico it wasn’t until the name of the game was changed to scrabble that it became such a huge success. Playing scrabble online is very similar to the original board game. Each player draws a tile and the one with the letter nearest to the start of the alphabet goes first. Each player has seven lettered tiles, each letter has a numerical value 1-10. The less common letters such as “Z” have a higher value. The purpose of the game is to make words from the tiles they have and gain the highest total. As a player uses his tiles they are replaced by more so you are always using seven tiles. when all the tiles have been used up the game ends. Scrabble cheat words with friends board uses the whole board to find the best possible move.You may want to check out scrabble cheat board wordplays for more.

Since online scrabble has become popular so too have other sites offering scrabble cheats. Personally I think it depends on your level of competitiveness whether you use a scrabble cheat. I play for fun and to keep my brain alert. It is surprising how many new words you can learn and how scrabble helps to improve your spelling. There are many different types of scrabble dictionaries available to help you master the art and improve your word skills, but I wonder if this is a scrabble cheat? Playing scrabble is a great way to interact with other players and make new friends and once you get the hang of it you could become an expert.

Practice makes perfect so go ahead find yourself a good site and start playing straight away. A good learning site is one called Zyzzyya. This is not a site where you can play another person one on one, but is more of a learning site to help you understand different ways you can play the game to achieve a more pleasing result. At this site you will learn how to make new words from existing groups of letters, and ways to check words to see if they are legal. Michael Thelan, the site creator, set this site up as an individual study program and it has been very successful. Of course, if you save these three tricky letters for the triple points or triple word score, you may end up getting stuck. So it may be best to try to dispose these letters as soon as you can, because your chance for getting those triple scores may never arrive.